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The Scribbler on the Road

Carol Berman–The Scribbler on the Road

I’m Carol Berman, Editor of the Scribble Lounge.

And now I’ve done it.

I’ve joined the minions of bloggers, leaving it to society to judge whether or not what I say is of any importance.  Funny, op-ed writers purport to do the same thing and we think that’s cool.  Would Maureen Dowd have aggregated the same level of acclaim had she started a blog first?  I would like to think so.  Even if I don’t always agree.

People used to pay me for my journalistic writings and production.  I’ve made the editorial decisions for a paycheck.  I’ve also been the consultant to help someone figure out how to get noticed.  But here, I can tell stories with a hand-picked “editorial board” (usually my husband). I do think everyone needs an editor–legendary NY reporter Gabe Pressman taught me that.

So why did I leave?  I was wooed by regular hours and a salary where I could save and not live paycheck to paycheck.  You get to your mid 30s and wonder what life on “the outside” is like. But it’s a business I still love.  I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I left it.  I’m not complaining. Now, approaching my mid-40s, I now have what I think is the best job in TV.  I get to tell stories, produce shows and events, teach those who want to learn the biz AND get home at a normal hour. I work in a great department and my team is incredible.

Online, stories and musings get noticed when they’re good, whether printed, digital, or skywriting.  But who are we kidding–timing, distribution, and SEO helps.  Things online that really suck go one of two routes.  They literally die–see or they play to our desire for train wrecks.  I hope to not clog the blogwaves with drivel and dreck.  We have enough of that, online and off.

And so I say, welcome to the Scribble Lounge.  You never know what musing you’ll find here.  Perhaps commentary, comedy, or cooking.  Reporting, retorting, and probably restitution at some point.  It’s like open mic night all day here. But it’s the lounge–whether you’re into cocktails or coffee, kick back, take it in, and leave a comment.  Debate = good.  It’s like your local coffee shop where folks can wax poetic, there’s always one crazy dude, and when you leave, you feel enriched. Maybe because you knew you were right.  Or maybe you were encouraged to think.

Thanks for stopping by.

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